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Knapp Farms prides themselves in providing locally raised, high quality beef that won’t break the bank!

  • What is wholesale?
    Buying beef through wholesale supports the local farmer and is a cost effective way to purchase premium beef in bulk. Essentially, you are buying retail quality beef at wholesale price!
  • How is the beef split up?
    We sell our beef based on its hanging weight. This is the weight of the beef hanging in the butcher’s cooler after slaughter but before it’s butchered into usable cuts of meat. At Knapp Farms, a quarter of beef has an average hanging weight of approximately 200 pounds. The yield, after butchering, is usually around 60-70% of the hanging weight, depending on the cuts you select. The weight reduction is the result of loss of moisture during the aging process along with bone and fat removal. Therefore, a quarter typically provides you with approximately 140 pounds of beef to fill your freezer. You will receive around 3 cardboard boxes of products that are wrapped in butcher paper/vaccumed sealed.
  • How is the wholesale price determined?
    We charge $3.50 per pound hanging weight. Butcher fees are $1.05 per pound for processing, dependent on the processor and what cuts you order. A typical quarter of beef will cost around $900 for the meat and processing
  • What portion of the cow will I get?
    At Knapp Farms we typically do split side quarters. What this means is you get half of the front quarter and half of the hind quarter. A front quarter typically includes cuts such as stew beef, brisket, rib steaks, chuck steaks, short ribs, chuck roasts and rib roasts. The hind quarter typically includes your high quality steaks such as the porterhouse, t-bone, sirloin along with some additional roasts like the rump roast, london broil and sirloin tip roast. You can buy a quarter, half, or whole beef!
  • What cuts and products will I end up with in my freezer?
    When you buy wholesale beef, it will come custom cut to your specifications. Knapp Farms will send the animal to a local butcher to be processed. It is at that time the butcher will reach out to ask you how you would like your portion of the animal butchered. This is when you can stipulate which cuts you would and would not like. If this is your first time ordering wholesale beef, don’t hesitate to call us for help. We would be happy to make recommendations and help guide you in personalizing your order to fit your family’s needs. The butchers themselves are great resources as well for cutting information!
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